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I was 58 when I started taking action on making sure my body was in the best state possible for the next phase of my life. Up until that time, I reckon I was pretty ordinary. I drank alcohol a bit too much at times. I love food and that showed so there were kilos to lose. I exercised rather spasmodically.  i had a sedentary job so movement wasn’t really high on the list of activities. I also worked for myself so I worked long hours to meet the deadlines with clients. I hadn’t really thought about ageing. I was just completing the active parenting stage with my daughter just starting out in the adult world. Ah! It was great to see all that effort coming to fruition in the form of a wonderfully talented individual already making her mark on the world.

Yes, it took the catastrophe of her sudden death for me to re-evaluate my life. What was I doing? How was I treating my body? Was i living my best life?

The answers came back that I could really do better. I took immediate action on what I consumed both as food and lotions and potions on my body. I started eating organic food and switched all my products to non-toxic. Within weeks, the effects were already to be seen. My skin, nails and hair made startling improvements. I haven’t realised my skin wasn’t smooth and soft until I made the change. This was just the start. As I learned more about ageing, healthy ageing, I made more and more changes.

Whilst doing this, I also changed countries, moving back to Australia, the country of my birth. I learned after this move that big decisions are best taken towards the end of the second year of grief. Having made so many changes within one year, I can recommend being less hasty. The second year can be tough and you need your friends and family around. Still, I survived.

I am writing this three years on. I have new friends, new ways of earning a living, feel I can now live fully and it’s a wonderful feeling.

Successfully Ageing is based on the academic model used by Trinity College Dublin and I have adapted in the light of my own research. From the workshops already delivered, participants all go home with food for thought and an action plan for change. See, we may know about living successfully, are we doing it?

I started Stop the Clock! program personally two years ago and found the results encouraging. Remember, my zero start was not one of fitness and vitality. I was still grieving and that really ravages the body.

For the past nine months, I have been on Turn Back the Clock! and this has been amazing. My overall fitness, complexion and attitude is of a younger me. I also notice my peers are not so confident with their balance, stride and co-ordination.

Although we may know how to age properly, it’s up to us to DO it! this is why I have created these programs and also created them to be social. No matter our circumstance, we all need to be social, we need to make new friends of different ages. We need NEW in our lives. Doing new things every day. Laughing every day. Living fully and not slumped somewhere. Slumping is very bad for our health.

To learn more about Stop the Clock! go to Work with me

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