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This is the brand new home of Karen Purves, Aging without Limits. We are still getting sorted with content at the moment. There’s more happening on Facebook – Karen Purves – Aging without Limits

Aging without Limits is something we all want to do. We may have ideas on how to do it. Yet, we won’t be sure we’ve made the right choices until, perhaps, it’s a bit late and we are struck with disease and decay.

What we do here is use a model that is in common use in academic research for measuring how successful people age.

Grab your copy of the workbook that introduces the 4 pillars and gives you ideas of easy steps you could do

Aging without Limits is living to the age you wish in good health, fine humour without bits falling of you. We treat people who are still doing yoga at 94 or competing at ballroom dancing at 80 as special. Yet, they are still ageing.

The aim is to build a community of people who practice the 4 Pillars of Successfully Ageing where we meet, have fun, learn together and live our life to the fullest. After all, we are a long time dead!

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Effects of stress in just six weeks

The past two months have been hugely stressful and, as a result, my health has suffered. What happened? In January, I was going to the gym five times a week and had the biggest change in my fitness. Diet was on track. I was eating mostly vegetables combining raw and lightly cooked. Stuff arrived to … Continue reading Effects of stress in just six weeks

Pain is our body’s cry for help

I’ve been doing research and found that people in their 40s start to have twinges, creaks and pain when they move. Despite this being a common phenomenon, it is cause for alarm. Anyone who has creaking, twinges and pain, please take notice. Our bodies are regenerating organisms. They are built to serve us and they … Continue reading Pain is our body’s cry for help

Knowing what we don’t want

There’s nothing new with eating healthy, exercising daily, having people around you for love and support. What is new are the reasons why these things are very important. Research results over and over highlight the significance of taking action to live fully, live long, live well. Our lifestyle choices, throughout our lives, have a huge … Continue reading Knowing what we don’t want

Get the legals in place

Your parents may be getting older and still have many years yet. Though, sometimes, we don’t know when illness takes hold and some serious decisions need to be taken. Remember, medical science has increased the longevity and at the expense of health. The generation in their 70s, 80s and beyond tend to be stubborn in … Continue reading Get the legals in place

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